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The Zoo (Martinique)
  • The Zoo (Martinique)

  •       A zoo is probably not your first stop when arriving on a Caribbean island. I'm betting it's more along the lines of sand, sea and as much sun as possible. But after the mandatory tumble in the Caribbean sea (or the Atlantic if you feel confident about your swimming capabilities) you start looking around for p[...]
Sleeping Volcano Pelée (Martinique)
  • Sleeping Volcano Pelée (Martinique)

  • 1902. 8th of May, 7.50 am.  Martinique's volcano, Pelée, erupted and the world as they knew it completely changed. 30.000 people perished in just a few hours and a few thousand more in the following months of extremely powerful volcanic activity. In the aftermath, a new science was born: modern volcanology [...]